Our Service Offerings

Project Design


We combine years of expertise and deep local insights to design customised sanitation projects tailored specifically for your CSR portfolio. Our in-house experts have additionally curated a portfolio of credible and standardised projects across the sanitation value chain to offer you a wide selection of high impact projects.

We leverage the intellectual capital of marquee development sector partners such as UNICEF and BMGF and the reach of the Government of Maharashtra to amplify your project’s impact.

Implementation Partner Identification


We capitalise on our national and sectoral footprint of 150+ NGOs and social enterprises to enable you to identify credible implementation partners who can execute the selected sanitation project in your preferred geography.

Our in-house experts additionally undertake a detailed three tier due-diligence of the selected implementation partners to assess their credibility, capability and compatibility in order to ensure you get a partner who can deliver.

Monitoring and Reporting


Our project management team brings on to the table a unique blend of deep sectoral expertise, understanding of sensitive and pragmatic ground realities, rigorous project management skills and our signature technology platform GoodCSR to enable you in actively managing your program portfolio on a day to day basis.

We meticulously monitor the project progress against a set of dynamic indicators, measure and report diligently on its progress, recommend and undertake relevant course corrections and support you in reporting on your impact to a wide range of stakeholders (board, customers, employees, partners, regulators) across several reporting standards (Companies Act, Global SDGs etc)

Capacity Building of Stakeholders


Our in-house experts engage deeply with members of both the implementation partners and corporate donors throughout the project lifecycle to enhance their sectoral knowledge, augment their project management skills and support institution strengthening across multiple aspects.

We enable you in moving beyond traditional cheque book philanthropy and immersing deeply with your partners and their journey which reap long term dividends for your portfolio, partners and ecosystem at large.

Impact Assessment


Our research team leverages a wide range of digital tools, analytical rigour and our extensive experience in cross-domain, diverse and collaborative research to measure the impact of your sanitation projects.

Our holistic human-centred approach to inspect qualitative and quantitative data enables us to analyse, communicate and provide actionable recommendations to address gaps around what exists today and what further value can be created for the target community, its relevant stakeholders and the overall ecosystem thereby improving project efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

Sustainability Design and Exit Planning


We capitalise on our deep sectoral expertise and years of experience of managing large scale, diverse and long term sanitation projects to support companies who have supported existing sanitation projects to further increase their project sustainability by layering a set of enhanced, effective and evidence-based interventions. A major focus here includes layering faecal sludge management interventions which can substantially amplify the health impacts of sanitation.

Additionally, we also enable companies who have invested in sectors with deep cross-linkages to sanitation such as water, health, education, livelihoods, gender equity and technology to successfully integrate well designed, meaningful and high impact sanitation interventions in their existing projects to further deepen their impact.

Knowledge Creation and Dissemination


We undertake rigorous, exhaustive and holistic analysis of systemic trends, best practices, sectoral insights and beneficiary stories emerging from your sanitation portfolio and the ecosystem at large and disseminate these through a series of avenues spanning white papers, knowledge reports and engaged audio visual based storytelling formats to enable you to influence sectoral decision making.

We leverage our curated CSR and WASH knowledge forums and extensive networks of Samhita, India Sanitation Coalition and NFSSMA to disseminate knowledge to a carefully select audience of senior representatives from the corporate, government and development sector to widen your reach.

Your partners and you can participate, engage, share and learn about the sectoral trends, best practices, experiences and journeys of like-minded partners and thought leaders by participating in nearly 15+ forums, roundtables, capacity building workshops and conclaves curated by the platform across several cities of Maharashtra

Employee Engagement


We bank on our unique program design to enable you in weaving and embedding several employee engagement opportunities across the project lifecycle. These opportunities engross employees, provoke thought, stimulate and refresh them, thereby creating shared value, amplify the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and further shape your corporate culture.

Your employee engagement portfolio can offer diverse opportunities to employees such as hands-on employee volunteering, skill-based employee volunteering and employee donations to a pre-identified portfolio of WASH social organisations